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A1321 Battery for Apple MacBook Pro 15″ inch A1286 (Only for Mid 2009, Early/Late 2010)

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  • Li-ion Capacity: 10.95V 73 Whir Li-Li
  • Battery Type: 6 – Cells
  • 100% New from Manufacturer. Up to 500 recharge cycles over the life of the batteryGrade A cells ensure fast charges and low power consumption; Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability.
  • FIT Model: Apple MacBook Pro 15.4" A1286 (Mid 2009 Mid 2010 Only) MB985CH/A MB985J/A MB985LL/A MB985TA/A MB985X/A MB985ZP/A MB986CH/A MB986J/A MB986LL/A MB986TA/A MB986X/A MB986ZP/A MC118 MC118CH/A MC118J/A MC118LL/A MC118TA/A MC118X/A MC118ZP/A MC371LL/A MC371B/A MC371E/A MC371J/A MC371LL/A MC371RS/A MC371TA/A MC371X/A MC371RS/A MC371ZP/A MC372LL/A MC372B/A MC372E/A MC372J/A MC372LL/A MC372RS/A MC372TA/A MC372X/A MC372RS/A MC372ZP/A MC373LL/A ,
  • Part No.: Apple A1321 Battery.
Sasto Khoj
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