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Urja Steam Premium Jeera Masino Rice 25 KG (Available for inside valley only)

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Urja Steam Premium Jeera Masino Rice 25 KG (उर्जा जीरा मसिनो राइस)
NPR 1750.00

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  • Urja steam premium jeera masino rice is steamed rice. It has a surprising number of healthy and nutritional benefits.
  • Available for inside valley only
  • It is best for calorie-conscious persons like diabetic people because of its sugar-free factor.
  • This rice has a better source of fiber, calcium, potassium, and vitamin B-6 than regular white rice.
  • It cooks faster and is much easier to digest and has a better flavor in comparison.
  • This is a product of a renowned Nepalese brand (Urja). We provide you best quality with the guarantee of freshness and long-lasting life.
Sasto Khoj
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