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Tombow 3-Color Ball Point Pen Reporter 3, 0.7mm ball

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Tombow 3-Color Ball Point Pen Reporter 3, 0.7mm ball
NPR 360.00

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Sturdy strong leaf spring clip – Sturdy and strong leaf spring type clip Holds thick boards, notebooks, notebooks, etc. firmly. In addition, the leaf spring type clip reduces clip breakage.
Slim body and easy to hold – An integrally molded slim rubber grip with a diameter of 12 mm that is easy to hold and fits securely on your fingers.
Color can be selected by blind touch – The shape of the knock button is different for each color, so you can distinguish the color with your fingertips. Writing errors and color selection errors are reduced, and writing efficiency is improved.
Reduces annoying knocking noise – Reduced annoying knocking sound Byinstalling a shock-absorbing rubber cushion inside the ballpoint pen, the annoying high-pitched sound that occurs when the knock is released has been reduced.
Environmentally friendly products -Products that comply with the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing
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