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Tombow AirPress System Ball Point Pen, 0.7mm (BC-AP)

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Tombow AirPress System Ball Point Pen, 0.7mm (BC-AP)
NPR 725.00

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Knock pressure mechanism – Each time you knock, the piston crushes the pressure chamber and sends compressed air to the refill (core), pushing out the ink. The ink can be written clearly without blurring, even when writing quickly, upwards, or on damp paper.
Rubber body – The body surface is finished with a soft resin (elastomer), and it holds firmly even with wet hands or gloves. *The transparent shaft is made of acrylic resin.
Strong clip – It opens wide with a strong wire clip that combines suppleness and toughness. Holds anything from a single sheet of copy paper to a thick object.
short body – Total length 122mm suitable for carrying.It is about 20% shorter than a standard office ballpoint pen (around 150 mm), so it can be knocked quickly and is suitable for writing and stenography in narrow or crowded places.

Sasto Khoj
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