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Tombow Ballpoint Pen MONO graph Lite, 0.38mm

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Tombow Ballpoint Pen MONO graph Lite, 0.38mm
NPR 215.00

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High precision needle tip – A long needle tip with a total length of 5.2 mm ensures a wide field of view, making it easy to see the hands and write fine characters. In addition, it is made into a needle shape by cutting, and maintains high strength even if it is thin.
super lubricating – The synergistic effect of ultra-low-viscosity oil-based ink and high-precision needle tip achieves superb smoothness.
high density textured grip – By applying a unique texture to the grip surface, it reduces the slippage of the fingertips and allows a firm grip even with a light force. In addition, it suppresses the stickiness peculiar to rubber grips, realizing a dry and comfortable grip.
Ball diameter: 0.38mm ball and 0.5mm ball – Two types of ultra-fine 0.38 mm diameter balls (line width approx. 0.21 mm) and ultra-fine 0.5 mm balls (line width approx. 0.26 mm) are available.
Ink Color: Black/Blue/Red Ink – Lineup of black, blue, and red inks (blue and red ink bodies are mono-color only)

Sasto Khoj
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